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with Kristin Barton

Hi! I'm so happy to see your interest in Staying Streamlined and my Fitness Nutrition based program. Life gets crazy, but putting your health as top priority will help keep everything else balanced.


I have experienced a blessed journey thus far. From a national level athlete to an elite coach, and from business owner to a proud mom and wife. There has certainly been blood, sweat and tears throughout each chapter. However, it has allowed me to learn so much which contributes to my success today.


As a certified Health Coach, now my goal is to spread the knowledge I've gained by helping others not only start, but keep a healthy and balanced life!‚Äč


Get exclusive access to tasty plant-based recipes and effective workouts with yours truly. View the online vault anytime for fun and effective integrations that can accommodate all meal or fitness schedule types. Created to work for any physique and ability level.


Staying Streamlined is Healthy Lifestyle Coaching, designed to help clients find a healthy balance and keep momentum in all aspects of life.


Inspired by Kristin Barton, the mission is focused on developing long lasting fitness nutrition, with an extension on how your mind and soul are also intertwined. Incorporating plant-based health, a consistent workout routine and a holistic approach to all dimensions of wellness, the Staying Streamlined Method helps clients make behavior changes to be proud of and that become a true lifestyle.


Professional coaching provides a diverse platform of education, from nutritious recipes that will spark taste buds, to stress relieving workouts for those that are tight on time. Whether you are a mom looking to get that flat belly back or an individual on an insane work schedule, with little time to plan meals, this is your saving grace.